Top 10 Go Go Clubs In Jamaica

Top 10 Hardcore Strip Clubs In Jamaica. This list offers a good selection of go go clubs with hardcore and raunchy settings.

Top 10 Hardcore Strip Clubs In

There are a number of new places cropping up in Kingston and Montego Bay that are a bit more upmarket and specialize more in Central/South Americans and Russians.

Locally, Caesar’s Palace is the best place to meet slender-bodied, local girls.

PHOTO: Jamaican Police Daggering Go-Go Dancer In Popular Strip Club In New Kingston

Kingston has become a den of exotic houses, ranging from massage parlors to go-go clubs and on any given night, activity is almost too much for proprietors to handle.

Some of the buildings where men and women of particular discernments satisfy their lecherous desires, look like standard architecture under luminous night lights.

But by day, the rough plyboards and shoddy workmanship would make prospective patrons think twice about entering. Still, insiders say the amount of money which flows through this world of perversity is phenomenal.

Strip Clubs in Kingston, Jamaica

Among the popular exotic nightclubs in Kingston, today are Kingston today are Platinum, Gemini, Palais Royale, Howie’s, Pablo’s and Hummingbird. There are also Exotic, Lydia’s, Girls Girls, Frenchies, Dolls, Altimax, Atlantic and Trap, the latter of which is said to be the oldest of the lot.

Whilst many clubs within Jamaica can be relatively similar, most of these have something unique which they are able to offer.

If you prefer to spend your evenings in classy restaurants or playing online games of party poker, then these go-go clubs might not be for you.

However, if this happens to be what you’re looking for, then this top ten list offers a good selection of places which you might wish to visit for hardcore and raunchy settings.

Take a look below to find out what each of these infamous clubs has to offer.

The top 10 Go Go clubs in Jamaica are:

1. Shades (Ocho Rios) – Located just outside the tourist resort town of Ocho Rios, Shades provides an interesting and exotic escape for locals and visitors alike.

2. Platinum (Kingston) – Formerly the “Russian Girls” club, Platinum is located in New Kingston and now features girls of multiple ethnicities.

3. Palais Royale (Kingston) – A hot spot for this kind of entertainment for years now.

4. Energy (Montego Bay) – Get a taste of the wild west side, Energy is sure to titillate your senses.

5. Moods (Montego Bay) – Located dead in the center of MoBay’s hip strip, it features themed nights, a special freaky show and more.

6. Triple X (Negril) – The name says it all.

7. Scrub-A-Dub (Negril) – Started out as a car wash, but now takes wetness to another level.

8. Taboo (Kingston) – Located in New Kingston, below Quad night club, Taboo calls out the freaks at night.

9. Caesar’s Palace (Kingston) – One of the oldest veterans in the strip club business in Jamaica.

10. Las Vegas (Montego Bay) – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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