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With a dedicated team focused on the progression of music, fashion, lifestyle and culture through visual inspiration and the provision of knowledge, Hype Life Magazine’s devotion and commitment have made it one of the premier online destinations for entertainment and celebrity reports.


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Founder/Creative Director: David Meikle
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Contributors: Jadaine Beckford, Shona-Lee S. Thompson



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All press releases and other contents (photos, video, music, etc) must be sent to our editor using the Contact Page. All content is subjected to a strict review before publication.

All content is subjected to a strict review and may, in some cases, be changed prior to publications.

You must include full contact details including your name and email address for any press release to be accepted by Hype Life Magazine.

Job Opportunities

We operate highly across digital media, fortunately with some of the most vibrant, diverse and authorized affiliations including actors, sportspersons, musicians, producers, public relation directors, journalists, media houses, media personalities, bloggers and resourceful contributors. This gives us the unique ability to combine a commitment to excellence across all areas of our operations with a true sense of celebration in everything we do.

We celebrate our people, our communities and our audience.

To become a partner or writer, feel free to get in touch via Contact Page.