Lisa Hanna Vibes To Shenseea Hit Song Trending Gyal

Watch: Lisa Hanna Vibes To Shenseea’s Hit ‘Trending Gyal’

Jamaican politician Lisa Hanna shares video of herself dancing to Shenseea’s song “Trending Gyal” at a sports event.

is apparently a fan of 's hit “Trending Gyal.”

Taking to Instagram, the 44-year-old Jamaican politician recently shared a video of herself rocking her body to the Dancehall song at a netball rally at the Claremont Transport Centre in St. Ann.

“Those who know me well will tell you I'M VACCINATED AGAINST SHAME ? have a safe weekend everyone….” she captioned the footage.

In the clip, Lisa Hanna, who is Jamaica's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, can be seen wearing a blue denim bodysuit and an orange-colored cap.

Shenseea took the time to chime in on the comments section, expressing gratitude to the Member of Parliament.

“Come thruuuuu ??? love u!” the “Body Good” the singjay wrote.

Lisa Hanna was crowned Miss World 1993, becoming the third Jamaican to win the title. She attended Queens High School, where she was Head Girl, and achieve her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in communications from the University of the West Indies. In 1998, Hanna had a role In the romantic comedy film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” and in 2003, she began a career broadcasting by hosting a talk show in Jamaica called “Our Voices.” She also served as a guest presenter on the television show “Xtra” in the United States.

In January, Shenseea released the visuals for her single, “Trending Gyal” featuring cameo with Leon Bailey. The music video on Youtube has since racked up over 4.7 million views.

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