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Lizzo Calls Out Men Who Judge Womens Bodies

Lizzo Calls Out Men Who Judge Women’s Bodies: ‘We Don’t Talk About Your D**k Sizes’

Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo has slammed body-shaming men and the unrealistic standards that are imposed on women. See her bikini body photos!

defended herself against men who judge women's bodies in a new interview on the Brazilian TV show, Folha.

The Grammy Award-winning singer opened up about how men are rarely subjected to the same scrutiny that women constantly find themselves saddled with.

The “Truth Hurts” songstress was asked how people reacted to her and “realized that [Lizzo] did not follow the physical conventional [standards] of beauty.”

“I think that women are always going to be criticized for existing in their bodies and I don't think I'm any different than any of the other great women who've come before me that had to literally be politicized just to be sexual…you know what I mean? [Just to] exist.,” the 31-year-old artiste told the interviewer.

“Things on them that are beautiful are called flaws and they persisted and fought against that. Now I'm able to do what I do because of those great women and they all look completely different. They all had to deal with the same type of marginalization and misogyny,” she continued.

While spending some downtime in the South American country, Time Magazine's “Entertainer of The Year” rocked a tiny red bikini while laughing and drinking with her girlfriends beachside.

Grammy Award-winning Lizzo flaunts her curves on the beach in brazil copy
Photo credit: Instagram (@lizzobeeating)

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“So, what does that tell you about the oppressor? What does that tell you about men? Get it together, we don't talk about your d—k sizes, do we?” she asked while calling out the double standard between how we perceive women and men's physical appearances.

“Like, ‘that's not a conventional d—k size, it's too small.' We still let ya'll asses run all over the goddamn place.,” she added.

While speaking with Brazil's news portal G1 she also talked about the “lack of representation in the world.”

“There is a lack of representation in the world—full stop. Especially for women who look like me,” she said.

“But my choice process was to make myself visible, not to shrink. To be heard and use my platforms to raise other women. That's why I put black and big dancers and also an entire orchestra of black women on the Grammy stage—because I think that if I can help them, I must help them.”

Lizzo has long been a proponent of body positivity and acceptance, yet still faces her fair share of body shaming. At one point, she even quit social media due to trolls and constant negativity. Still, the songwriter has been adamant about wearing what makes her feel happy, regardless of those who disapprove.

She opened the 62nd Grammy Awards ceremony with a standing ovation by all top music artists, and then won three Awards out of eight for which she was nominated: Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Traditional R&B Performance.

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