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Shenseea Says She’s Ready For A New Boyfriend

Shenseea Says She’s Ready For A New Boyfriend

  • Dancehall artiste Shenseea says that she is ready for a new man, revealing that she is 'getting a bit lonely,' on social media.
Shenseea Ready For New Lover

Shenseea tells fans that she is ready for a boyfriend.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday (Nov. 16), the Dancehall recording artiste revealed that she is open to dating once again.

“I think I want a boyfriend now,” Shenseea tweeted.

The “Forplay” singjay later went over to Instagram, where she doubled down on her statement by uploading a video of herself stating that she is “getting a bit lonely.”

“Where can I get one?” she asked in the caption of her post.

#Shenseea: Where can I get one?

Posted by Hype Life Magazine on Sunday, November 17, 2019

In March, rumors surfaced that Shenseea and Rvssian were dating after the Jamaican music producer bought the “Body Good” singer a diamond-studded Rolex wristwatch as a gift. Shenseea, however, quickly dismissed the allegation on Instagram.

“How SAD is this? ONLY JAMAICANS feel ya fi fxck fi reach somewhere ina life,” the Dancehall deejay captioned a meme of her manager Romeich Major and Dancehall deejay Squash that suggested that she hooked up with Rvssian to gain the high-priced gift.

“Y’all always tryna put successful women down..That’s why God na stop bless me ? he knows I’m passionate about my music and work hard wid a clean heart. Rolex a bun unu? Just wait fi see wa come next ?,” she added.

Up to this date, many Dancehall fans have been theorizing that the singer and her manager are a couple. While Shenseea has been silent regarding the rumor, Romeich ousted the speculations during an interview with OnStage in April.

“No sah, Shenseea single and me single. Me and Shenseea a more like best friend,” he told Winford Williams.

Shenseea, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, signed to Interscope Records, earlier this year. She has also made an effort to cross over to the international scene after releasing her collaboration, “Blessed,” with American rapper Tyga.


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