Brandy Reveals She's Recovering From Dehydration, Malnutrition

Brandy Reveals She’s Recovering From Dehydration, Malnutrition

R&B singer Brandy disclosed that she is recuperating after a health scare due to dehydration and inadequate levels of nutrients.

 sent her fans a health update shortly after she was reportedly hospitalized following a potential seizure.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (Oct. 12), the R&B star shared that she is recovering from a health scare caused by dehydration and low nutrition.

The 43-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer revealed that she was “following the doctor's orders and getting the rest I need due to dehydration and low amounts of nutrition.”

The vocalist also thanked fans and friends for “sending love and light” her way.

“To my beloved fam, friends, and starz thank you for sending love and light my way. I am following doctors' orders and getting the rest I need due to dehydration and low amounts of nutrition. Thank you for your prayers and support. Grateful for you all, see you soon,” Brandy tweeted.

Brandy Reveals Her Health Status After Dehydration And Malnutrition Hospitalization
Image Credit: Twitter (@4everBrandy)

Brandy, whose real name is Brandy Norwood, was admitted to the hospital after having a seizure, according to reports from TMZ and the Los Angeles Times earlier in the day.

According to TMZ, law enforcement received a call from the singer's home in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Oct. 11) for emergency services. The “Missing You” singer did not address the media reports of having a seizure.

Brandy had previously been hospitalized in 2017 after passing out during a Delta flight at the Los Angeles International Aitport. The singer and actress was transported to the hospital after the flight crew returned to the gate.

At the time, Brandy has been touring extensively and has made numerous personal appearances, according to her team. She had flown more than 10 long flights, including international ones.

Ray J's Sister Brandy Hospitalized From Dehydration, Malnutrition
Brandy with brother, singer Ray J. Photo credit: Instagram (@brandy)

Brandy most recently appeared in the ABC musical drama “Queens,” which also featured Eve, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez. The television series was canceled earlier this year after the release of season one.

In August, she celebrated the 25th anniversary of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella with members of its all-star cast, including Whoopi Goldberg, Paolo Montalban, Victor Garber, Bernadette Peters, Jason Alexander and Veanne Cox.

The classic Disney live-action film marked a groundbreaking moment in television history, introducing America's first Black Cinderella (Brandy Norwood) and Fairy Godmother (Whitney Houston).

Brandy Addresses Health Scare After Reportedly Suffering Seizure
Photo credit: Instagram (@brandy)

Brandy is known for hit songs such as “The Boy is Mine,” featuring Monica, “Have You Ever,” “Missing You,” “Almost Doesn't Count,” and “I Wanna Be Down,” featuring Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo and MC Lyte. She has also starred in the TV series “Moesha.”

She had sold more than 40 million records as of August 2020, with 8.62 million of those albums occurring in the United States alone.  She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work, including a Grammy Award and an American Music Award.

Her brother, Ray J, whose real name is William Ray Norwood Jr., is an R&B singer, actor and media personality.

Watch “The Boy Is Mine” music video by Brandy.

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