Koffee Confirms New Album Is Coming Soon

Koffee Confirms Her Debut Album Is Coming Soon

Jamaican Reggae singer Koffee confirms that her debut full-length album is coming very soon via Columbia Records.

has revealed that her first album is on the way.

The Grammy award-winning singer shared the news during her appearance on the Christmas episode of TVJ's ‘Tailored for Taste,' with her mother, Jo-Anne Williams.

Before discussing her music, the 21-year-old singer showed off her cooking skills with her mother.

While being the sous chef, Koffee's assisted her mom to cook her special red peas soup.

“A grammy cyaa help you learn how to cook,” the “The Harder They Fall”singer jokingly said before disclosing that she usually leaves the cooking to her mother, “I do much watching and eating.”

During the series, Jo-Anne Williams showed some of her cooking secrets such as leaving the red peas and salt beef to soak overnight and pre-cook the peas for 5 minutes.

“Once she like it she will eat it,” she said when asked what is Koffee's favorite dish.

Koffee and her mothr Jo-Anne Williams Cooks Red Peas Soup
Jamaican Reggae singer Koffee and her mother Jo-Anne Williams. Photo credit: Instagram (@jojothekoffeemaker)

Koffee also expressed that she typically spends time with her family during the Christmas holidays.

“Di holidays are definitely pretty much all like for family time for us. Sometimes grandma will come down, cause she lives abroad, and she come down an she bring her mac n cheese and cake,” she said said.

Koffee Confirms Her Debut Album Is On The Way

Koffee revealed that she has already started working on her promotional campaign and is prepared to release new songs from her full-length album very soon.

“Interestingly enough I'm actually currently working on releasing my very first album. I just recently started my promo campaign… first and foremost, you will see in the media and then you will be hearing some music very soon,” she said.

Koffee's new single, “West Indies,” produced by Iotosh, is the first track from her forthcoming album.

Koffee's Debut Album Is All About Positivity

During a RollingStone interview in February, Koffee disclosed that her timeline for recording her debut was pushed back but she plans on completing it soon. The Jamaican singer-songwriter also told the publication that she wants her upcoming debut LP to focus on the idea of unity.

“I want to speak of a solution and of a way that we can come together and get along, even when things are going wrong,” she said. “Positivity is definitely a theme. It will be a very interesting twist for people who knew my music before, and also for people who will discover me. I think it will be really awesome.”

Her new album is expected to be released in 2022 via Columbia Records.

Koffee rose to prominence in 2019 with the release of her smash single ‘Toast,' which has amassed over 110 million streams on Spotify. The song was one of five on her EP ‘Rapture,' which earned her a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album last year.

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