Koffee Drops Debut Album ‘Gifted’

Jamaican singer Koffee has released her debut album “Gifted,” showcasing her powerful vocals and captivating flows.
Koffee Releases Debut Album Gifted
Photo credit: Twitter (@spotify)

has finally released her debut album titled “Gifted.”

The 10-track album, which includes songs “Lockdown,” “Pull Up,” and “West Indies,” finds the 22-year-old showcasing her unique reggae charm on a full-length record for the first time, with producers like JAE5 and Frank Dukes on board.

“My debut album Gifted is out now!! 🕊🤍,” Koffee posted to her Instagram profile on Friday (March 25).

“I think it's important to inject a positive energy into the world, and that's what i've channeled into this album 🌎 Thank you for all the support!! Thank God for keeping and loving me! We have life, we are blessed 💛”

Koffee's new album “Gifted” is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Koffee (born Mikayla Simpson) also shared the visuals of her performing album cuts “Shine” and “Where I'm From” for VEVO Lift to coincide with the release of the album.

Shot in an 18th-century London mansion, both visuals distinguish Koffee as a young musician ready to ascend into serious stardom.

On “Shine,” Koffee expresses her discontent with the violence plaguing Jamaica and its impact on the youths.

Watch “Shine” visuals by Koffee.

In an NPR interview, the Grammy award-winning musician expressed that “Where I'm From” highlights the “keep-going spirit of the hardworking people who made it out of the mud.”

“There's a little dancehall in it, a little roughness to it, but I'm really highlighting the keep-going spirit of the hardworking people who made it out of the mud, coming from where I'm from,” told the media organization on Wednesday (March 23).

Watch “Where I'm From” visuals by Koffee.

Koffee's North American & UK “Gifted” Tour Dates

The Jamaican singer also announced her North American Gifted Tour dates ahead of the album release. In addition to her live performances at 24 different venues across the United States and Canada, Koffee will also be performing in the United Kingdom.

Koffee North American Gifted Tour Dates
Photo credit: Instagram (@originalkoffee)
Koffee UK Gifted Tour Dates
Photo credit: Instagram (@originalkoffee)
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