Dancehall Artiste Squash Breaks Silence On Being Shot Dead In Florida

Squash Speaks On Being “Shot Dead” In Florida

Dancehall artist Squash has debunked rumors that he succumbed to injuries he allegedly sustained in a Florida shooting incident.

Dancehall artist has broken his silence after he was allegedly shot and killed during a deadly shooting incident in Lauderhill, Florida last week.

Despite allegations that he had succumbed to injuries he allegedly sustained in a shootout, the Montego Bay native, whose real name is Andre Whittaker, took to social media to reassure the public that he is “alive,” “well” and “fully active.”

“Done know Six Boss deya live and direct eno mon, you understand. Big up to all me fans dem, whole of my supporter dem, you see it,” he said in an Instagram Live video as he acknowledged his fans.

“Uno know Six Boss already, my thing ano fi come pon live and try explain, no care wah mi hear, and the bag a drama dem all the time. Me always ignore it, you zimi. But you see now, this serious. The whole a mi love ones dem, mi fans dem concern bout 6ix Boss, you understand,” he continued.

“And everybody a check pon me and worried. Mi hear seh mi get shot, mi hear seh mi dead, mi hear all type a thing. See it deh, mi well and live mi fans. Mi want uno know seh mi deya and mi active. Fully active,” he added.

The “Sweepstake Life” deejay did not confirm or deny whether he was shot or injured in the footage.

Dancehall Artist Squash Addresses Reports He Was Shot In Gang Feud In Lauderhill Florida
Photo credit: Instagram (@squash6iixboss)

On Wednesday (Oct. 19), Lauderhill police were called to the 800 block of Blueberry Court shortly after 9 p.m. on a report of gunfire, according to NCB Miami.

Upon their arrival, officers found two men suffering from apparent gunshot wounds in the parking lot area. Both victims, who were not identified, died at the scene.

A third person was involved but fled the scene in a vehicle, witnesses told police.

The authorities also revealed that a person with a gunshot wound arrived at HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital in Tamarac, but it was unclear if the person had been involved in the original shooting scene. Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding a double homicide.

In speaking out on the allegation that he was involved in the incident, Squash pleaded to local blogs to stop publishing rumors about him and instead focus on his music.

“So bloggers, please and thanks, uno stop the f**kry. A uno make things bad for ghetto youths like we. As uno hear wi seh rups raps rups raps, 6ix Boss get shot, whatever, whatever… uno run gone blog bout it,” he stated.

“Look how much hit song mi drop bredda. Uno nah blog bout dem enuh. See mi drop big bad “Ambala,” big bad “Foot,” how much hit song fi the years, for the whole of this year, and none a uno nah blog bout dem,” he continued.

“As uno hear seh 6ix Boss get shot or 6ix Boss dead, uno run deh come blog blog. Bredda mi nah use uno bredda, uno lowe off a mi name bredda. Uno juss leave me alone bredda, make man live bredda. Lowe man, make man survive bredda and stop mix up man inna uno violence and crime business bredda. Music, man a do over yaso bredda. Strictly music man a do over yaso badman. Uno lowe off a man, dawg,” he added.

Squash, who hails from the Salt Spring community in St James, also shared a carousel post on Instagram with images of himself sporting a red Aeropostale T-shirt along with gold jewelry.

“Who god bless, no man curse 🤞🏽 Ya man me see unuh dutty style dutty behavior dutty mind 🤔,” he captioned the photographs on Sunday (Oct. 23).

The Jamaican-born entertainer is known for hit songs such as “Money Fever,” “Trending,” “Beat Dem Bad,” featuring , “Scotch & Soda,” “Ohh Lala La,” “Ambala,” and “Foot.”

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