Yendi Phillipps Discusses Breast Cancer With Her Daughter

Yendi Phillipps and daughter, Israel McGregor, recently had a “very candid and honest conversation” about breast cancer.

and daughter, , recently had a “very candid and honest conversation” about breast cancer, the TV media personality revealed.

Taking to Instagram, on Saturday (Oct. 19), the former Miss Jamaica Universe disclosed that she wasn't sure if her daughter was “ready to digest without becoming fearful” of the topic.

“My daughter came home this week asking me about #BreastCancer. We had a very candid and honest conversation about breast cancer and many other cancers. Her questioning what causes #Cancer, can it be prevented, can it be cured, was all a line of questioning that I wasn't sure she was ready to digest without becoming fearful,” Yendi Phillipps captioned a photo of herself and her child.

The Jamaican model expressed she is left thrilled at her daughter's understanding and awareness of breast cancer.

“But most importantly we had the conversation and I'm so thrilled at her understanding and awareness of it all,” she continued.

In the photograph, Yendi Phillipps and her daughter can be seen sporting pairs of pink sneakers in support of women battling the disease.

“Thanks to @paylesslatam also #ITieMyselfToTheCause. Proceeds of the sales of the laces in my shoes goes to the #MahimaFoundation in Jamaica, to continue the fight against breast cancer and to support women battling the disease. ?? Support the cause and get yours at #PaylessJamaica this October. ??,” she added.

Since 2008, Payless ShoeSource has been an active participant in the fight against breast cancer in Jamaica. In 2013, Phillipps joined the effort after becoming an ambassador to Payless and it's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

The Mahima Foundation, a non-profit organization, was formed in 2012 to assist The Hope Institute, Jamaica's only palliative care center, and specialist oncology hospital. The foundation was founded in honor of Monique ‘Mahima' Geourzoung after her death in 2010 from breast cancer. The Mahima Foundation is a cause that is very close to Phillipps' heart, having been a family friend of the Geourzongs for many years and knowing Mahima for whom the foundation is named.

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