Buju Banton's Daughter Abihail Myrie Flashes Her Flawless Skin In GOT-Inspired Carnival Costume

Buju Banton’s Daughter Abihail Flaunts Flawless Skin In Game of Thrones-Inspired Carnival Costume

Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail flaunts her flawless skin as she models in a Game of Thrones-Inspired costume at Xodus band launch for Jamaica Carnival 2020.

recently joined Xodus “Enchanted – Live Your Fantasy” Carnival launch for Jamaica's 2020 carnival season on the lawns of 36 Hope Road where she sported their Game of Thrones-inspired costume.

's daughter flaunted her flawless skin as she modeled in the ‘Khaleesi – The Mother of Dragons' carnival costume, which was designed by Jessica Campbell.

Khaleesi Frontline, which includes a bikini with wire bra, shoulder piece, face mask, crown, 1 pair leg pieces, wrist pieces, rings, and a large backpack, is available purchase on xoduscarnival.com for USD $730 (JMD $100,156).

Jamaica Carnival annual bash kicks off in January and ends in April after the Easter holiday. The carnival events take place mainly in the Kingston and Ocho Rios resort areas, with four major bands including Bacchanal Jamaica, Ocho Rios Carnival, Xaymaca International, and Xodus Carnival.

From beach parties to breakfast fetes, weekly mas camps to J'Ouvert and colorful street parades of costumed revelers swinging to pulsating music. Throughout the season revelers are treated to special shows featuring Dancehall and Soca artists. The finale of the carnival season sees the culmination of weeks of partying that takes to the streets with each band hosting their own Road March.

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