Alkaline Gets Ready For War In New Track "Cree"

Alkaline Gets Murderous In New Song ‘Cree’

Alkaline rolls out a new song “Cree” on which the Dancehall artist carries out murderous exploits.

has released a new tune, “Cree,” on which he carries out deadly exploits.

The Country Hype Entertainment-produced single was debuted on Saturday (May 23) on the Dancehall artist's YouTube account as well as Apple Music and Spotify.

On the track, the hardcore deejay drops smooth rhymes while spiting slick lyrics about attending his enemies' wake after murdering them, acquiring tracking devices to sabotage his opponents even in their own territory, and bussing his gun before praising the Lord.

“War cya bawl cree / Tell craft man seh we full ah technique / Mek him feel like seh we good and den ah R.I.P / Show up ah dem nine-night cah we heart clean / Nuh ah dem seh dem ah dweet but dem nuh deet like we / Gun dem nuff, wah dem ah hear about? / Warrior deh here to, weh dem here about? / Open up eh tec and mek eh air out / Everybody inna di way dem affi clear out,” he deejayed on the chorus.

Listen to “Cree” by Alkaline.

The audio video, which is currently trending at #2 on Youtube, has since racked up 396K views with 32K likes and 7226 comments.

“Bad bad lyrics the manhim self kill dem off every body a fe clear out,” one fan wrote.

“Yes Alkaline! Tek it to dem! People dead! Detta boss kill dem all and come back alone! U Maaad ?Detta ?way or get away! ???M.V.P movement! Yeah!,” a user expressed.

“This a choppings… all the riddim get kill tpc,” another added.

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