Kehlani's Break-Up Song Valentines Day (Shameful)

Kehlani Drops Savage Break-Up Song ‘Valentine’s Day (Shameful)’

R&B singer Kehlani released a new track titled “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” addressing her split from YG..

released a new song titled “Valentine's Day (Shameful)” on February 16.

The R&B singer rolled-out the new single just two days after she and rapper YG released a Valentine's Day collab called “Konclusions.”

The break-up track, produced by the Rascals and Axel Folie, she details a catalog of relationship misdemeanors by Kehlani's now-ex, without actually mentioning him by name.

On the first verse, Kehlani sings about overlooking signs of a doomed relationship.

“I took a risk-loving loudly, defended you proudly / Ignored all the signs, yeah, it's true,” she croons on the first verse.

“And the immature me wishes that I could make it known / That you should be left alone,” she continues on the pre-chorus.

“I'd say your name but you don't deserve recognition / You played the hero but you really are the villain / There ain't a bone in me that wants to spare your feelin's” she sings on the chorus.

Despite not dropping a name, fanatics suspect the new song is aimed at her on-and-off boyfriend, YG.

Listen to “Valentine's Day (Shameful)” by Kehlani.

After refusing to connect a name to her accusations, Kehlani refers to helping her ex fight an addiction. The song closes out with Kehlani sarcastically wishing her ex luck in their new relationship.

Later on Twitter, the singer told fans that she is currently single, which would appear to confirm that the track is about YG. The split is the latest installment in the couple's on-off relationship, which included the Compton rapper being accused of kissing another woman on last year Hallowe'en.

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