Listen To Mavado’s New Popcaan Diss Track "Artillery"

Mavado Drops Gritty Track ‘Artillery’ (Popcaan Diss)

Dancehall star Mavado rolls out a new diss track titled “Artillery,” allegedly targeting rival deejay Popcaan.

has released a new song titled “Artillery” on the High Rev Riddim.

The gritty track, which was published on the artiste's VEVO page on February 28, was produced by DJ Frass Records.

As the title suggests, Mavado is bringing his large-caliber weapons to the Dancehall lyrical warfare as it's rumored to be a diss track targetting rival deejay, .

“Di sinting go suh Ratatatatataaah, make yuh pray to allah, the ting say shalalalalaa. A no miss kitty a di spitty mi a draw, dem just a talk, dem a big chabba jaw, whole a dem fraid a mi war,” Mavado kicks off the track.

Listen to “Artillery” by Mavado.

Mavado's latest effort comes after Popcaan ridiculed the “Weh Dem A Do” deejay last month on social media.

The “El Chapo” singjay took to Instagram to share a video clip of a partygoer supposedly sleeping an event while a song by Mavado was being played Mavado before swiftly jumping to her feet and started to dance as soon as the disc jockey mixed in Popcaan's single “Family.”

“She don't want to hear no f–kry ??? ‍♂️? ‍♂️trouble,” he captioned the post.

Listen To Mavado New Popcaan Diss Track Artillery
Photo credit: Instagram (@mavadogully)

Mavado's “Artillery” follows “Truest Thoughts,” which was released on February 5.

On that track, he took a different approach with a smooth rhythm and sentimental lyrics regarding disloyalty among old friends.

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