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Brick N Lace Sports Their ‘Love Is Wicked’ Clothing Line Collections

Brick N Lace showcases pieces from their new clothing line Love Is Wicked. See the photos!
Brick N Lace Sisters Sport Their 'Love Is Wicked' Clothing Line Collections

has recently debuted their apparel line, Love Is Wicked, and has released a lookbook of their latest collections.

Jamaican-American Dancehall and R&B musical duo, which consists of biological sisters Nyanda and , partnered with their other sister and founding member, , to launch their clothing line during the summer holiday.

The group, which leaped onto the music scene in 2004, has since shared a set of photos of themselves highlighting their Two Piece Track Suit Sets, Sweater Dress, Oversized T-Shirt, Biker Shorts, among other outfits from their merch on social media.

At the moment, Love is Wicked merch pieces and sets are priced between $39.99 and $75.00 and are available for purchase at

In August, Nyanda Thorbourne revealed that the clothing line has been a long-time in the making and that she and her sister were very excited that their dream had finally come to life.

“Its your girl Nyanda here to announce finally, what me and my sisters have had up out sleeves; working on all this time. And it is finally here. I am so excited. It is the Love is Wicked the clothing line, Love is Wicked apparel is here,” she said Nyanda promotional style video on Instagram.

She further urged fans to share and tag photos of themselves after purchasing clothes from the Love is Wicked online store.

“Yes, guys you can go to to shop all your Love is Wicked merch. So guys, when you shop your Love is Wicked merch please continue to do your dances, we want to see u guys tag us, take pics and show us you guys rocking the merch,” she continued.

“LARGE UP ALL the Brick and Lace fans who made this song the Classic it is.,” she added in the caption.

Nyla voiced similar sentiments, further sharing that despite just recently having a baby she was already back working.

“Hey guys, wooo… had to push that baby out real quick then get back to biz . So nervous and excited to share what my sisters and I have been working on this past year . Our #loveiswicked merchandise line is here,” said Nyla who share some of the first photos of the duo rocking clothing from the line.

“It has been such a journey especially with the little one growing inside me and trying to coordinate with the other girls , but we are #proud of where we are and what we have done thus far,” she added.

Brick N Lace's new fashion brand was named after their 2006 smash hit “Love is Wicked” from their first album of the said name.

The group, which was born to a Jamaican father and an African American mother, was initially consisted of the three sisters until Tasha Thorbourne decided to leave the stage to work behind the scenes and co-write songs for the all-sister duo.

In 2007, Brick and Lace signed with Kon Live Distribution, a record label by Hip Hop singer-songwriter Akon. They have performed internationally, including in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

They have also released solo projects and have worked with a slate of international acts such as , , Christina Milian, and Major Lazer.

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