Watch Jada Kingdom One Time music video

Jada Kingdom Gets Seductive In ‘One Time’ Video

Watch Jada Kingdom’s music video for her raunchy song, “One Time.”

has released the music video for her raunchy track, “One Time.”

The Warrior Films JA-directed video sees the Dancehall artiste teasing her fans with racy yet alluring imagery.

In the visuals, Jada leaves little to the imagination as she bares it all while caressing her lover in a tiny plastic tub. The Jamaican entertainer is known for her bold visuals but this may be her most daring yet.

Watch “One Time” music video by Jada Kingdom.

The video, which was posted to Jada Kingdom's Youtube account on February 26, has since generated mixed reactions from fans, with many users giving it their stamp of approval.

“They really worked the angles in this video nice execution??…..and I commend the guy for keeping it professional I know he had to be turned on the whole video ???,” one viewer commented.

“The visuals for her videos never fails me. ??? The scenery, the angles, everything ‼‼‼ Everything just loud ??? Jada. International vibes yuh ever ah give off,” another added.

The video has since racked up over 224,000 views and 20,000 likes.

Kingdom, birthed as Jada Ashanti Murphy, was sexually assaulted growing up, according to Fader. Regarding that, she picked her stage name to reflect her viewing her body as a kingdom — one that she's pledged to protect at all costs.

She becomes popular on Instagram in 2016 as a swimwear model. A year later, she turned to music, teams with Julian Jones-Griffith of Pop Style Music, and dropped her first song, “Love Situations.”

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