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Nicki Minaj ft. Fivio Foreign - We Go Up (Official Video)

Nicki Minaj Goes Hard In “We Go Up” Video With Fivio Foreign

Nicki Minaj links up with Fivio Foreign for “We Go Up” music video. Watch the drill visuals!

has released the official video for her track, “We Go Up,” featuring .

The Trinidadian-born American entertainer, who is gearing up to drop a new album later this year, teamed up with the New York-native rapper to cruise through the streets of Southside Jamaica, Queens in luxury sports cars, and roister with their entourage.

In the Drevinci-directed video, Nicki Minaj returns to her New York neighborhood to celebrate her status in Hip-Hop and boast about staying on top of her rap game while applying pressure on her competitors.

Later on, she goes into her closet to show off some hot outfits, switching from a sexy piece of lingerie to a baggy set of clothes while letting viewers know with her lyrics that she still looks stunning when she's covered up.

“Ayo, this week, ‘Rari, next week, Lambo / B-tch, I'm fly, I don't land, though / This they funeral, start the service / Say my name, make 'em nervous / Uh, these bitches is salty, I give them pressure / Uh, these bitches is salty, pass me the pepper / Uh, these bitches be jackin' me like the Ripper / Uh, I am a hustler, I can sell water to Flipper / Uh, I know they teabaggin', b-tches is testy / Get you a vacuum, bitches is messy,” she raps on the first verse.

Watch “We Go Up” music video by Nicki Minaj featuring Fivio Foreign.

Fivio Foreign matches Nicki Minaj's energy in the visuals as he goes hard on the third verse of the braggadocious single, spitting bars about taking care of his opponents with hostility.

“Yeah, look, go on a drill and I make it look good to you / I tell my shooter to bully you (Baow, I tell my shooter to bully you) / Uh, yeah (Yeah) / That nigga gon' kill you as soon as I look at you (Baow, baow, baow, baow) / Huh, yeah, I never say what I wouldn't do, huh (I never say what I wouldn't do) / Yeah, look, open the door and I shoot out the bulletproof / Look, I'm with a baddie, she love the aggression / I'm with a demon, he wanna get reckless / I'm showin' them growth and I'm teachin' 'em lessons / And I watch how I'm moving 'cause I'm the investment / F-ck her all night and I go and get breakfast / I don't do paperwork or confessions (Nah) / I don't do internet shows or texting (Nah) / Shoot up the party, that's sendin' a message (Baow, baow),” he raps on the tune.

“We Go Up,” which was released under Republic Records and produced by Swizzy, Szamz and Papiyerr, is Nicki Minaj's fourth musical release of 2022.

The 39-year-old previously released two singles, “Do We Have A Problem” and “Bussin” with Lil Baby, and appeared on the track “Blick Blick!” from Coi Leray's new album, “Trendsetter.”

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