Vybz Kartel Drops ‘Thickiana’ Lyric Video, Empowers Thick Girls

Watch “Thickiana” lyric video by Vybz Kartel with Dancehall choreography by Toni “Happyfeet” O’Meally.
Watch Vybz Kartel - Thickiana Lyric Video

has released the lyric video for his raunchy single “Thickiana.”

The Dancehall star teamed with Romeich Entertainment for an upbeat Dancehall track that showcases the artiste's unique ability for delivering engrossing lyrics and infectious flows.

Toni OMeally "Happyfeet" stars in Vybz Kartel music video Thickiana
Photo credit: Instagram (@happyfeet_tg

The NSFW visual features dance choreography by Jamaican dancer Toni O'Meally, better known as “Happyfeet.”

In the video, Toni captures Kartel's energy as she dances provocatively in the scenes, which were filmed at a bauxite mine and a river.

On the song, Kartel introduces his fans to multiple coined phrases including “trickianna,” “sickianna,” before smoothly tying them to Bajan pop star, .

Watch “Thickiana” lyric video by Vybz Kartel.

The video has received over 236 thousand views on YouTube since its release on March 13th.

Music fans have expressed positive reviews in the comments section, with many users marveling at the Kartel's power to sway his listeners.

“Song badder than corona virus to bumbocloth who agree turn this blue ???,” on fans commented.

“The Gap between Kartel and every other dancehall artist not even remotely close… Unnu other so-called dancehall artiste!… Unnu nuh shame?!?! … said it best… ‘Dancehall lock up Inna prison wid Kartel',” another added.

“The man deh jail and just a kill di artist dem weh a run road. Them need fi level up free work boss now now now ??,” one continued.

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