Dr. Dre Pays Hundred Million To Ex-Wife Nicole Young In Divorce Settlement

Dr. Dre Pays $100 Million To Ex-Wife Nicole Young In Divorce Settlement

Dr Dre, who is worth $820m, has finalized his divorce from Nicole Plotzker-Young with a $100m settlement.

and Nicole Plotzker-Young have settled their bitter divorce battle after finally sorting out finances.

The American rapper and music producer superstar, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young, was married to for nearly 24 years, and the two have two adult children, 24-year-old Truice and 20-year-old Truly.

Under the terms of the settlement, which took 18 months to conclude, Dre will pay the first $50 million now and the second half a year from now, according to TMZ. He is estimated to be worth $820 million.

The “Been There Done That” rapper will also be keeping the seven properties that they shared together, including a home in Malibu, as well as two properties in Calabasas and four more in Los Angeles.

The 56-year-old rapper will also hold onto a mansion worth $100 million in Brentwood and keep the rights to his master recordings. He will also retain all his Apple stocks, which includes proceeds from his sale of Beats, which was bought by Apple in 2014 for $3 billion.

Dr. Dre And Ex-wife Nicole Young Finalize Hefty Divorce Settlement Amid Bitter Split
Photo credit: UnlimPhotos (@ImageCollect)

Meanwhile, Nicole Young will leave the marriage with all her clothing, jewelry, bags and furs, which are estimated to be worth millions, as well as four of the couple's 10 vehicles: a Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Escalade limousine and Spyder motorcycle.

The former couple's settlement also prevents Young from receiving spousal support.

Dr. Dre was reportedly “delighted” that his ex-wife would get just one-fifth of his liquid assets and that she would have received more if she had settled sooner, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Young agreed a prenuptial agreement when the couple married in 1996, which she later contested saying it was signed under duress.

Dr. Dre Pays $100 Million In Divorce Payment To Ex-wife Nicole Plotzker-Young
Photo credit: UnlimPhotos (@ImageCollect)

In the midst of their divorce case, the former NWA rapper filed documents in April to be declared legally single. Dr. Dre has since been ordered to pay Young millions in legal expenses and spousal support, which she will no longer receive.

The Aftermath Entertainment CEO and Young were married for 24 years until she filed for divorce in June 2020. Young has accused Dr. Dre of abuse so severe that she now suffers from “post-traumatic stress syndrome” in court filings.

Young, who is reported to be a lawyer by profession and to have been previously married, said in court documents that Dr. Dre “held a gun to my head” on two occasions and “punched me in the head/face” in 1999 and 2000.

Dr. Dre has vehemently denied the allegations and claims that Young made up these statements in an attempt to get more money during the divorce proceedings.

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