Usain Bolt’s Girlfriend Kasi Bennett Pregnant?

Social media users suspect that Usain Bolt's girlfriend Kasi Bennett is pregnant due to this photograph.

Is ’s girlfriend pregnant? 

Several social media users have suggested that the “First Lady” of the retired Jamaican sprinter is now with child.

Usain Bolt And Girlfriend Kasi Get Extra Cozy While Partying In Kingston

The speculations surfaced online after Bolt and Kasi were sighted at an event in Kingston over the last weekend, with fans describing the Marketing Manager as “fat.”

Usain Bolt And Girl Kasi Bennett Get Extra Cozy While Partying In Kingston

“It seems as if she’s pregnant for real because she looks fat, if you see a close up of her face, it looks like someone who’s not getting enough sleep, the makeup is barely hiding the wrinkles,” one user commented online.

“She has to be pregnant. There is no way someone could gain so much belly fat so fast,” another speculated.

“I think she pregnant his caption lead me to believe because it’s not the norm for him to say stuff like that on social media.Well congrats if it is true, she worked hard to hit this milestone!” one user added.

Usain Bolt’s Girl Kasi Bennett Confirms Boob Job

Others were not convinced of the assumptions that Kas is pregnancy and as such explained their own theories.

“FALSE ALARM. His snap story shows him blowing smoke into her mouth and she intentionally inhaling it,” a fan indicated before another replied, “Right, and she was drinking alcohol at Cabana.”

“I don’t think she pregnant at all, gal a get fat in the wrong places,” another user presumed.

“Kasi not pregnant… Kasi always photoshop her pictures. If you look on pictures of her on other people page in comparison to hers, you will see that she photoshops her pictures heavily,” one suggested.

“He took the pic, she put the caption. Kasi nuh pregnant. She have a big gut. She need fi start back the gym. No pregnancy nah keep yah suh. On another note, the dress is tacky!!!” another user commented.

Neither Usain Bolt nor Kasi Bennett has confirmed her pregnancy rumor.

Usain Bolt & His Girlfriend Kasi Party Hard In St. Barts

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