Keida Releases Reggeaton Song Vai

Keida Drops Hot Reggeaton Song ‘Vai’

Jamaican singer Keida previews her Bailefunk-Reggaeton fused track, Vai from her new album, Long Weekend.

creatively dipped into the sounds of Reggaeton with the release of her single, “Vai.”

The Roe Summerz-produced track, which is from her five-song EP, “Long Weekend,” was heavily influenced by Reggae-ton and Baile Funk, according to the Jamaican singer.

Stream “Vai” by Keida via iTunes.

“The title of the song, Vai is Spanish for ‘go'and can be interpreted in varied ways from dancing to moving forward from one point in life to another,” she told the told the Jamaica Gleaner.

“Long Weekend” is a mixture of the singjay's rootsy technique of placing the lyrics of her Dancehall and Reggae along with the newly explored Brazilian genre.

“I've been able to touch on various markets and gain new fan bases just by taking my on a natural musical journey. This has opened me up to new opportunities, such as international collaborations with artistes like .” she told the Jamaica Observer.

The multi-genre artiste, who has maintained a steady winning streak over the 10 years, collaborated with Aguilera and on the song “Right Moves,” from Aguilera's 2018 album “Liberation.”

Keida, who is originally from Bull Bay, St Andrew, Keida attended St Andrew High School for Girls and Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts.

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