Vybz Kartel & Stefflon Don Drop ‘Amazing’ New Song

Vybz Kartel taps Stefflon Don for a new collab titled “Amazing,” produced by Dunw3ll on the Play Station Riddim.
Vybz Kartel and Stefflon Don team up for "Amazing" New Track

and have joined forces for a sultry collaboration titled “Amazing.”

The infectious track, which features smooth vocals and sexually driven lyrics, was released on Friday (September 16). The single was produced by Dunw3ll over the Play Station Riddim.

Vybz Kartel and Stefflon Don's new song “Amazing” conveys a new level of sensual energy to the Dancehall scene.

Watch “Amazing” visualizer by Vybz Kartel featuring Stefflon Don.

“How you feeling? Let me feel it (Yea) / Body feel right so mi know yuh hole blessed / You know mi need it / You got me feeling overwhelmed / You are di party / Without you is a event / Siddung boasy like is a seat a parliament / How you pretty so? / Just asking for a friend / Queen ina yuh realm / Yuh siddung ina yuh helm / Yah di dela fi di crème,” Vybz Kartel spits on the first verse of the song.

“Seh yuh wah piece, give yuh much more / Deliver di goods straight a yuh front door / Mi cock it up, mi a [?] pon floor / Addi do di maths cah mi nah keep score / Mi seh bet yuh never get a gyal so amazing / Bet yuh never get a gyal so amazing / Have di ever blessed pumpum, yuh affi praise E' / Bet yuh never get a gyal so amazing,” Stefflon Don sings on the chorus.

The visualizer was filmed and produced by Xtreme Arts, featuring cameos from two gyrating video vixens, including Dancehall Queen Aga.

Stefflon Don has previously proclaimed her love for Dancehall and Vybz Kartel over the years. This collaboration marks the second time the Jamaican Dancehall superstar and the British-Jamaican rapper have worked together, after both featuring on 's track “Royalty.”

Over the past three months, Vybz Kartel has been gracing his fans with new songs such as “It Hard,” “White House,” “Polo Anthem,” “Giant” featuring , “Touch The Sky,” “Too Young” featuring Lanae, “As You Wake Up,” “Ramp Ruff,” “Likkle Bit So,” “Something New,” “Tik Tok Summer” and “Badman Ting.”

The incarcerated deejay's latest tracks were met with approval from fans on social media.

“When he was first locked up they said it's the end for him but he shocked the world in consistency in hits until he had nothing more to prove to them. A boss forever,” a fan expressed.

“Vybz Kartel run every Lane, Avenue, Street, Boulevard, Corner, Highway, Town, City, Parish, Airport, Seaport, State, Zip Code, Country and Continent💯 Kartel run the world 🌎🔥,” another wrote.

“Vybz Kartel is the true definition of a undisputed champion from 2005 to this day he's still the leading lyricist and I don't care what anyone has to say Gaza forever!!😌🔥,” another added.

“The Artiste that defies against all odds and put his haters to shame although he is incarcerated he is the king of dancehall. He is also still winning and him never yet disappoints his fans because he effortlessly makes Dancehall music looks so simple with his charismatic catchy lyrics wordplay and his real hard work ethics is always consistent an on points,” one user stated.

“Vybz Kartel have lyrics like sea have sand. The Greatest to ever do it!!!” another user said.

Despite being sentenced for murder, along with fellow entertainer , in 2011, Vybz Kartel has continued to supply his international fanbase with new music and collaborations with acts such as XXXTentacion, Busta Rhymes, , Kalash, , Shawn Storm, , and his sons, , and Aikodon.

The Dancehall artists maintained their innocence and are awaiting a Privy Council appeal, according to their attorneys.

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