Getting featured on Hype Life Magazine will boost your credibility, optimize your online presence, get your music in front of new potential fans, and help build your music career.

As an upcoming or independent artiste, just making music and putting it out there for the world is not enough anymore.

Technology has made it easy for almost anyone to purchase the basic equipment and become a recording artiste.

Not only has this made promoting your music more difficult, it’s also made getting your music featured in music blogs less likely due to the production requirement and tons of artiste submitting their music, especially the popular ones.

However, for those that put in the extra work needed to stand out and get noticed, you might just be ahead of your way.

Most recording artistes tend to use spam “mass-messaging” techniques and writing unprofessional pitches, which are completely inefficient in the music industry.

So, to help you avoid making some of the same mistakes, put together some essential tips to show you how to stand out from the crowd and get your music featured on music blogs, including itself.

Music Blogs Accept Submissions But Not All

You’ll waste the blog owner / editor’s time and lose respect if they don’t accept submissions. Further, you’ll waste your own time if they don’t accept music submission and when you never get featured on the blog, you still have no idea why.

Fortunately, Hype Life Magazine accepts music submission, which must be in “good taste” (as determined by the editors).

Look on the music blog’s contact page and see if the music blogs have any information related to music submissions. Most music blogs, like Hype Life Magazine, will have related information on the contact page if they do accept submissions.

Browse through some of the music blog’s pages and see if they’ve posted any similar artistes/genres to their site.

Build A Substantial Relationship With The Owners & Editors

Building genuine relationships with music blogs’ owners and editors will put you ahead of most people that contact them daily. They’ll want to help you succeed.

That’s one reason you should be networking with Hype Life Magazine, which helps recording artistes grow lasting careers by introducing them to industry partners and publicizing them to targeted audience with the use of social media, content marketing, innovative tools and advertising strategies to amplify their success.

Leave comments on music blog articles. This is an easy way to get editors attention.

Editors at Hype Life Magazine usually remember those who comment over those who don’t.

Share, like, favorite, and retweet music blog content. Like music artistes, editors love to feel supported.

By sharing their content, you’ll not only get their attention, but you also get their attention every time someone engages with the shared post (specifically Twitter and Facebook). For instance, if someone share content via @HypeLifeMedia on Twitter and then the editors see a lot of people engaging with their tweet, Hype Life Magazine will likely start to pay attention to this person more.

Submit Exclusive, Unreleased: Music, Video and Pictures

You should consider submitting exclusive, unreleased content of music, videos and photos.

This helps the music blog stay unique and get more viewers. The more viewers and attention the music blog gets due to your submission, the happier and more likely it is for the owner / editors to want you back on the site.

Promote Your Music Submission Post

As mentioned above, the more your music submission article is viewed, the more likely the owner / editor will want to promote your music on his site in the future. The more views the music blogs get, the bigger they become.

– Share your post consistently (but don’t spam) on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) and ask your friends to do the same.

– Post about the blog’s feature on your website.

– Send an email out to your email list letting them know of your new music and link to the music submission post.

– Send an email out to other music blogs that you would like to be featured on in the future. Don’t do this in a spam way. Just notify them of your new music release, mentioned the music blog that exclusively released it and a link to it.

Measure The Success

It is important to measure the success and results from having your song promoted on music blog. This allows you to calculate a “return on investment” (ROI). To keep things simple, the ROI equation looks like this: Results – (Money + Time + Effort) = ROI

A positive ROI is the goal, but there are some situations where a break even, or even negative ROI is all right.

Its also important keep on eye on the post’s social signals: total shares.

Query the music blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) for your post. Depending on the credibility/authority of the music blog, your post should be on the first page of most search engines, especially Google.


Before submitting your music, its very important to consider the quality of not only your music submission, but your music over all.

After your music gets published on the music blog, its intelligent to thank the music blog for featuring you on their website. This will build respect, show your gratitude, and ultimately help build a long-term relationship with the owner and editors.

Remember, people help you become successful, not stats.

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