Watch: Likkle Addi ft. Likkle Vybz - Euphoric Love (Official Music Video)

Likkle Addi & Likkle Vybz Seek ‘Euphoric Love’ In Raunchy Music Video

Vybz Kartel’s Dancehall entertainer sons, Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi, dropped the music video for their new single “Euphoric Love.”

and , collectively known as UTG (Uptown Gaza/Greatness), have released the official music video for their melodic song “Euphoric Love,” produced by Uptown Gaza Records.

In the visuals for the Latina-flavoured single, 's sons link up to host a house party filled with gyrating girls as the brothers confess their desires to their lady friends.

“Will we ever leave? Oh no girl / Already tell everyone mi own her / Har heart lock, mi a di owner / Yuh a cry, rest yuh head pon mi shoulder / Warm hearted, di night colder / Dats why every time yuh come over / Mi feel nice, mi feel ‘e vibe / We can do whatever we like,” Likkle Addi sings in the first verse.

Watch “Euphoric Love” music video by Likkle Vybz featuring Likkle Addi.

“Euphoric Love” is the eighth track off the musical duo's debut album “Team Different,” which was released May 6 under their Uptown Gaza Records label.

Other tunes featured on the album include “Team Different,” “Hype,” “Pop Off,” “Bad Benz,” “Discuss,” “Hey Girl,” “Luxury,” “Nobody Else,” “Miss World Renowned,” “Dynamite,” “Love Yuh,” and “Superb.”

With the release of their 13-tracklist album, Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi aim to forge their names in Dancehall music.

“With this album, we really a try chart because it's a lot of songs on the album that have the potential to reach on an international level and that was the plan anyway,” Likkle Addi told the Jamaica STAR during a virtual album-listening session last month.

“It's my favourite song off the album because the lyrics are so real, it comes from the heart,” Likkle Addi said. I was trying to go for an international vibe and we execute it,” he continued.

“UTG really waan go down legendary inna the game,” Likkle Vybz said, before Likkle Addi added, “Like , like mi father.”

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Although the pair could have included features from their Dancehall superstar father, they opted for a feature-free project. Their decision was driven by their vision to make their imprint and test how well the album does without features.

Likkle Addi disclosed that UTG intends to keep their music “authentic” by sticking to “original Dancehall beats.”

“We nuh use the beats dem weh yuh see other artistes a use these days. We try to keep it authentic… We stick to original dancehall beats and we just different lyrically. A nuh nursey rhymes we a give to them. Real hardcore bars and everything. Different flow, different melody,” he expressed.

UTG released their debut EP “Skinny Jeans,” titled after their 2019 breakout song. The 10-track was produced by Short Boss Muzik. They made their musical debut as PG-13 in 2014

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