British Model Shari Halliday Says Usain Bolt Begged For Naughty Pics Days Before Sprinter Welcomed Child

British Model Says Usain Bolt Begged For Sexy Pictures Days Before His Girlfriend Gave Birth

British model Shari Halliday claims Usain Bolt asked her for sexy pictures just days before his lover gave birth to their first child.

A British model has claimed asked her for skimpy photos in flirty texts just two days before his long-term girlfriend gave birth to their first child.

The three-time Olympic champion sprinter, who remains the fastest man in history, was sent two snaps by of her wearing lingerie, according to a report in The Sun.

British Model Shari Halliday Claims Usain Bolt Requested Racy Pictures Days Before Girlfriend Gave Birth
Photo credit: Instagram (@sharihalliday_ @usainbolt)

The commercial model told the publication that she had no idea that Usain Bolt was in a relationship until the news of the couple welcoming a baby girl was announced.

“I feel like he should concentrate on his own family and don't understand what he gets from texting other girls,” she reportedly told the publication.

“I was shocked when I found out he had become a dad as I did not know about his partner. I should do my research on people a bit more,” she continued.

The 11-time world champion called her “sexy” and “babe” in messages as they chatted on and off after meeting at a London nightclub last summer, Shari Halliday reportedly told The Sun.

“We were at a table and he started talking to me and told me I was beautiful. We chatted and he was quite reserved but also self-confident. He did not tell me he was in a relationship,” she reportedly told the publication.

After the pair swapped numbers, Shari told him she had to go home and would be ordering a car, according to the report. However, she said Bolt reportedly grabbed her phone and told one of her friends she would have to come and get it from the nearby hotel where he was staying. One of his associates then took Shari in a car to the hotel — and up to Bolt's suite, the article read.

“I knew it was a joke and it was quite funny but I didn't like the way I felt forced to go to his hotel. We kissed but I did not stay with him and went home after a while,” Halliday allegedly told The Sun.

The pair next saw each other at the same nightclub last October, where they had a drink and chatted, Halliday reportedly told the publication. She said Bolt messaged her once over Christmas but she then did not hear from him again until February, according to the report.

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