Shenseea Preparing On Second Album

Shenseea Now Working On Second Album

Shenseea reveals she is working on her sophomore album, saying it will be “completely different” from her debut project, “Alpha.”

has revealed that she is already working on her second album after releasing her debut album, “Alpha,” in March 2022.

The Jamaican singer stopped by The Brandon Gonez Show to discuss her new album, music career goals, collaborations, happiness, origins, international aspirations and Bobby Shmurda's “freaky” remark.

During the interview, the 25-year-old disclosed that she is now cooking up her second album, citing that it will be completely different from her first album.

“I'm happy where I am right now because right now i feel like i've been getting a lot of recognition. You know, international acts, producers. I'm working on right n ow i'm working on my second album and knowing that i've given my first album album and knowing that i've given my first album alpha to the culture. It's my very first… I had to give back to my culture. The second is completely something different,” she said.

“I feel like now what i'm about to do is like i'm going to start from zero. All over again with more experience of course, because you normally know me as from doing Reggae and Dancehall, hardcore Reggae and Dancehall. And now, I'm trying to get the world to turn up to my tracks so that the can understand it even more,” she continued.

“So, it's like a whole different ballgame that I'm going into right now but it's definitely something that i've been looking forward to my whole life,” she added.

Watch the full interview with Shenseea on The Brandon Gonez Show below!

Shenseea's new album, “Alpha,” which was released on March 11 under Rich Immigrants and Interscope Records, features Hip Hop stars , Tyga, , and Jamaican giants  and .

The 14-track project is considered a commercial success and landed at the number two spot on Billboard's Reggae Albums Chart. However, it was criticized by many Jamaicans for being more pop-oriented than the hardcore Dancehall that they expected.

During a March interview with MTV News, she described the significance of her album title, “Alpha.”

“I wanted to call it ALPHA because it resonates with my personality, it's who I am. I'm a leader when it comes on to my ShenYengz and whatever I want to achieve in life, I lead first, I set the trends. It doesn't matter if the world is against me, I'm gonna do what I wanna do because I am the ALPHA, I am strong, being everything that I have endured till this day in my life. I know who I am, I know what I want, I know the strength that it took for me to get here and I just feel like it was the perfect name,” she stated.

Shenseea recently dropped the music video for her single “R U That,” featuring 21 Savage, showed off her new French Bulldog gifted to her by her date, and disclosed that she prefers to be in a relationship with a black man.

Earlier this year, she signed a new publishing deal with S10 Publishing in partnership with Avex USA. A source close to the Jamaican singer recently told Hype Life Magazine that Shenseea has been working on new music in the studio and making many music connections in the North American market.

“Shenseea is doing big things in music. She was just in the studio with Hip Hop mogul and producer Fabe [Foc]used alongside songwriting duo Nova Wav (Chi Coney and Blu June), who have worked with Beyonce, , , , Ariana Grande, and Kelly Rowland,” the source revealed.

The “Blessed” singer is slated to perform at Pride Island in New York on June 25 and at Reggae Sumfest on July 22.

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