Alkaline is being accused of stealing Popcaan's style in his new song, "Hard Tackle."

is being accused of ripping off ’s flow for his latest track “Hard Tackle,” produced by Chimney Records.

The motivational single, which was released on Saturday (Oct 21), has been inciting controversy with Popcaan’s followers, who are claiming that the “Fleek” deejay took a chunk out of his rival’s 2016 “Nah Idle.”

Popcaan infused a catchy line in his chorus:

“You cyaa just a idle, a idle, a idle, a idle/ Granny tell mi say yo mouth need waan bible.”

Now, social media users are comparing that line to Alkaline’s chorus:

“That’s why me say hard tackle, hard tackle, Hard tackle, hard tackle/ Life every day is a hard battle.”

While many fans believe that the tracks have distinct difference, some of Popcaan’s fanatics are adamant that their artist’s expressive style was indeed utilized by Alkaline.

However, Alkaline supporters are repelling the accusation, pointing out the artist would never replicate Popcaan or any artists.

“Alkaline is now on different level from everyone in the Dancehall industry and as a result he does not need to steal flow, lyrics or anything from other artists,” a fan told Hype Life Magazine.

“Alkaline does everything in is own way to please himself and his core audience!”

Meanwhile, some Dancehall fans are claiming that there are more concurrences between “Hard Tackle” and ’s 2007 “Gun Battle.”

In 2016, Popcaan was extensively scrutinized by Alkaline’s fans for allegedly swiping Alkaline’s album name “New Level Unlocked” for a single, “New Level.” Popcaan has yet to respond to the claims publicly.

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