Dancehall artist Alkaline is set to release his debut album 'New Level Unlocked' in early February 2016.

artiste is set to release his debut album ‘New Level Unlocked’ in February, Hype Life Magazine has learned.

The “Things Take Time” deejay accumulates progress on his promise that 2016 would be his biggest year yet as he plans to unveil his new album, early next month. 

Alkaline says 14 tracks have been completed for the set, but a final list is still undecided.

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“We started out working on an EP, but upon listening to the songs, the whole team decided it was more serious than an EP,” he told media reporters.

‘New Level Unlocked’ features his hit song, “All About The Money” (ATM), “Champion Boy,” “Conquer the World,” “Somebody Great,” “One More Time” “New Level” and “Wait Your Turn.”

Lee Miller Productions and DJ Frass are the producers who worked on the album.

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This set comes after Alkaline’s strongest year yet in the industry, which included hits such as Champion Boy, Fleek, Ride On Me remix (featuring Sean Kingston) and more. 

The Jamaican deejay, who pointed out that he and his sound have evolved, said he and his team went into 2015 with a game plan.

“It was a good year. I just paced myself and released music at the right time and it worked,” he explained.

“Time is the answer to everything. With time you grow and tend to see things differently. Music forces you to grow quickly,” he said.

He was most recently in the news during the Christmas holidays after pictures emerged of him without contacts in his eyes at a club. This after Alkaline originally claimed in 2013 that he tattooed his eyes.

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He is also nominated for six Youth View Awards (which will be held in February). 

Born Earlan Bartley, Alkaline hails from the Ricketts Crescent area of Kingston. He was pursuing a degree in communications at Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, but shelved it for music.

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