Barrington Levy finally opened up about his virus after shocking fans with cliffhanger video on social media.

has finally opened up about rumors that he has HIV.

The allegations started shortly after the Dancehall veteran sent shock waves across the Jamaican music fraternity when announced to his fans that he had a virus on social media.

On May 7, the Jamaican entertainer took to Instagram to share a footage of himself stating that he has a virus without any further details.

“I just want to tell you people that i have a virus…. i have a virus,” Levy said in the clip.

The Grammy nominated artist also captioned the same expression while tagging close musical friends, and Snoop Dog.

“Give thanks to god give thanks to health give thanks to world peace give thanks to the love you all give me but I have the (VIRUS),” he wrote.

While some fans were quick to send their best wishes to the artist, many speculated and spread negative rumors.

On Sunday (May 13), during an interview with his Clarendon-based Roses FM Radio station, Levy broke his silence confirming that he doesn’t have HIV or any other illness.

“I did not tell anybody that I have aids or any form of virus,” Barrington Levy expressed.

“The virus that I have people have it twisted and they didn’t ask the question what type of virus… well they asked but I couldn’t answer because there were so many questions,” he added.

However, the “Murderer” deejay insisted that he has a “virus” called “Love Virus,” a new single he is looking to release soon.

“People, I do not have aids or any other sickening virus. The virus that I have I would like everybody in the world to really spread this virus with me. To the world, trust me we need to have this virus, and this virus is something that you need to have… This virus is called the love virus,” he explained.

Barrington Levy known for classical Dancehall hits like “Black Roses,” “Here I Come,” “Vice Versa Love,” and “Too Experience.”

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