Beenie Man is disappointed but not sweating over his daughter's public criticism on his parenting skills, says a source.

is reportedly shocked after his daughter, , publicly criticized his parenting skills to media reporters.

However, a source told Hype Life Magazine that the veteran “has nothing but love” for his oldest child despite her remarks about him.

During a candid interview with Loop Jamaica last week, the Ravers Clavers dancer, whose real name is Deshagaye Davis, openly stated that her father needs to “step up,” refering to Beenie Man’s relationship with her.

“Mi just think him need fi step up him thing, Him a mek whole heap a luu move suh him just need fi start be a man, a father and everything inna one now,” she said.

“The person weh everybody know out a road a nuh the person weh me know. So everybody out a road can say weh dem waah fi say or criticize or anything weh dem waah do but yo see becuase me know weh me know mi no need fi say nothing to nobody him know weh him know to so all mi a fi say is just step up yo thing” she added.

Beenie Man has yet to respond to his daughter’s comments.

However, according to a source close to the “Tear Off Mi Garment” deejay, Beenie Man was surprised that Desha decided to speak publicly about their family issues.

“The boss [Beenie Man] is very very disappointed rasta,” the source revealed.

“Yes, they might nah see eye-to-eye right now but that’s a personal issue and is a family matter so it should’ve been dealt with in private. He reached out to her several times and she ignore him but she want to talk a bagga things for the media.”

The source also claimed that Beenie Man has nothing but love for the “Fling” dance inventer despite Desha’s recent statements.

“Desha is his big daughter man, its nothing but love, thats family go through things sometimes time,” the source said.but its love at the end of the day.”

“Its love at the end of the day.”

Meantime, Beenie Man is currently focused on being the best father to his younger children. The Jamaican entertainer recently shared several post on social media hanging with his kids over the weekend.

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