Beenie Man is being blasted by fans after his former lover Carlene placed his parenting skills in the spotlight.

is being blasted by online fans after former lover and baby-mother, hinted that he is a deadbeat father.

In a video that is being circulated on social media, the Queen speaks on the difficulties she went through and the challenges her daughter faced to qualify for her school’s 6th graduation ceremony.

The video, which is 5 minutes long, shows the former Dancehall Queen thanking everyone who has assisted her while she was struggling to help her daughter complete her studies.

Carlene also stated that she would not glorify anything that isn’t real and went on to state that her daughter made it without a father.

“If it were not for my friends and family for me to give thanks to, I don’t know how I would have managed this. Yes, we did it without any father; it’s just me and her and my family and friends; not going to glorify anything that’s not real, ” Carlene said in the video.

The statement led fans to assume that Carlene was in fact implying that Beenie Man wasn’t being a “good father.” Other also stated their opinion that Beenie Man is a “good father,” and that she is “just jealous that Beenie Man has a child with a woman much younger than her.”

The 45-year-old musician has multiple children with several women. His youngest being with former PNPYO President and TV personality Krystal Tomlinson.

Carlene Smith is Jamaica’s first Dancehall Queen. She was crowned Dancehall Queen in 1992 after she and her crew competed against well-known models in Jamaica. There had been other Dancehall Queens before her but she started the national spotlight on a reign that was usually isolated to the Jamaican garrisons. Smith had a longtime relationship and a daughter with popular DJ Beenie Man.

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