Sources close to Beenie Man have denied rumors that the Dancehall veteran was diagnosed as HIV-positive.

Following reports that was diagnosed with the Zika virus, several online publications are now claiming that the veteran was infected with HIV/AIDS.

Initially, Beenie Man missed out on his co-headlining performance at ’s Fest 2016 after reportedly contracting Zika virus.

Beenie Man Hospitalized, Denied Canadian Visa Due To Zika Virus

The Jamaican Dancehall giant shared an Instagram post detailing his struggle, and revealed the Canadian government had denied his visa after finding out that he had tested positive for the virus.

He said that the same mosquito had also given him Dengue Fever, and that he was receiving a treatment regimine of “blood tests, injections, [and] pills.”

Beenie Man Denied Canadian Visa Due To Zika Virus

Several websites are claiming that the artiste was actually infected with HIV/AIDS and not Zika.

“Beenie Man was falsely diagnosd with the Zika Virus after he fell sick…” according to the websites.

“He’s going to move out to Los Angeles to live beside Magic Johnson to get tips on how to look like you never had Aids.”

However, a source close to the “Girls Dem Sugar” deejay informed Hype Life Magazine that the claim is false.

“Which Aids? That is rubbish. Nothing but Rubbish,” said the source.

It is already unfortunate that the artist was diagnosed with Zika and dengue fever, so adding anything else is straight rubbish. Beenie Man, who does not has HIV/AIDS, is actually doing well amidst his ordeal,” the source added.

Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, is known for songs like “King of the Dancehall,” “Dude,” “Who Am I,” and “Feel It Boy” featuring Janet Jackson.

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