Beenie Man's 17-year-old daughter, who just graduated high school, was born premature with underdeveloped lungs. Details unfold...

star is a very proud father, indeed, after his daughter graduated from high school – despite being told by doctors that she wouldn’t live past her third birthday.

The entertainer’s daughter, Desha ‘Crystal’ Davis, was born premature with underdeveloped lungs. Crystal was treated in an American hospital where she remained in an incubator for nine month’s, according to Beenie Man.

“One doctor say she nah live past three,” the “Who Am I” deejay revealed.

“When she turned 12, her lungs developed. She lucky.”

Beenie Man’s Daughter: “World’s Greatest Dad”

Beenie Man posted a photo of his daughter in her graduation cap and gown on social media last week.

“So proud of this beautiful young lady Ms.Crystal Davis,” he captioned the image on his Instagram account.

Beenie Man’s daughter Crystal Davis graduates high school

The 17-year-old’s mother, former Dancehall singer Carlene Smith, told Jamaica Star that she’s proud of her daughter, and she does not want to acknowledge Crystal’s past illness, rather she just wants to celebrate her child’s success.

“I’m glad that she is healthy now. I’ve never been one to talk about that. She is graduating and instead of that being the glory of the sunshine, persons are dwelling on that part of her life. I don’t want to dwell on her being sick when she was. She is ok,” she told the media.

Smith said she is just focused on seeing her daughter achieve her goals and while she is proud, she is not surprised.

“I’m a proud mother period but that’s not surprising to me. That is my child, I know what I’ve put in and I’ve always expected great things. As far as discipline and education are concerned, she’s rounded. And she’s gonna go further, it’s not like she stops here. I’m extremely proud,” she explained.

Crystal is set to go to sixth form at the Hillel Academy.

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