Bob Marley Estate is facing a lawsuit from filming company, that is working on a movie to show Marley and aspects of his life.

The estate of Reggae legend is being sued by Royal Palm Filmworks, an entity behind a project currently titled “Rebels,” Hype Life Magazine has learned.

According to the complaint filed on Friday, March 24, in California federal court, “Rebels” will depict Marley and certain incidents in his life in the context of a “transformative fictional and artistic work” protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In the project, Bob Marley will be played by an actor in a role, and “Rebels” will not use photographs or depictions of Marley while he was alive or any motion picture photography showing Marley as a “living being.”

Royal Palms Filmworks asserts that it has been granted rights to the life story of a Marley producer, Danny Sims, and claims that the estate is interfering with its use and exploitation of its property.

According to the film company, the Marley estate has threatened it on the grounds of privacy and publicity, and for its alleged use of Marley copyrights and trademarks. Royal Palm seeks declaratory relief.

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