Bob Marley's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was found vandalized and it will cost about $3000 to repair.

’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was found vandalized on Monday (Oct 23).

Ana Martinez, spokeswoman for the Walk of Fame, tweeted out a photo of a number of obvious damages that were made on the star, which lies in the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard.

“Why would anyone do this to Bob Marley’s star? Help me understand. The Walk of Fame is a State registered Historic landmark! Disrespectful,” Ana Martinez tweeted.

Bob Marley Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized

Marley, a globally recognized singer, songwriter and also artist credited with promoting music, was granted the star posthumously in February 2001.

Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are frequently ruined, however a constant target has actually been Donald Trump’s star, which since last year has had a wall built around it, several dogs defecate on it, and at one point was completely destroyed.

The vandal responsible for that damage has actually given that begged no contest to a fee of felony vandalism.

As for Marley’s star, it will certainly be fixed by the Hollywood Historic Trust at the cost of $3,000, but Martinez stated she wishes that the LAPD catches the vandal.

“It had been pounded on with what appears to be a sledgehammer or something heavy like that, totally destroying it,” Martinez said.

“This is considered vandalism to a State Historic Landmark, t will be repaired by the Hollywood Historic Trust and will cost nearly $3,000 to repair it.” she added.

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