The legendary Bob Marley embraced the use of Marijuana. Learn why!

The legendary embraced the use of . Learn why!

When Bob Marley uttered the words “The herb is just a plant,” he certainly didn’t mean for them to be dismissive.

He intended for them to be disarming; to help people let down their guard and reconsider this plant, a gift of nature that provides relief, reflection and inspiration to so many around the world.

Like many of Bob’s statements, it’s a sentiment that is powerful in its directness and simplicity.

Throughout his life, Marley held a deep respect for nature – one that started during his earliest days growing up in the remote village of Nine Mile in rural Jamaica.

His grandfather was a respected farmer in the area and an important herbalist, a bush doctor with knowledge of wild plants and botanicals that could ease his neighbors’ suffering and protect their health.

It was in that tiny, close-knit community where Bob first learned to appreciate the healing power of nature, the beauty of the earth and the relationship we all share with it.

Some close to Bob say that growing up in nature helped teach him patience that would serve him well in the fast-paced Kingston music scene.

He understood the time needed to cultivate real strength, whether of a farm field, the skills of a fellow musician, or his own path as an artist.

A friend observed, “Most of the musicians in town, they haven’t been to country. They don’t know about time, they don’t know about nature and all these things. That is what Bob really had over many of these musicians.”

In his connection to nature, Bob found much to admire in the Rastafarians he later met in Kingston.

They had kindred beliefs, that mindfulness in what we eat, natural care for our bodies and purity in what we return to the earth, that these practices unite us in shared health and prosperity.

Marley Natural is dedicated to cultivating Bob’s spirit of oneness with nature, where finding personal wellbeing and protecting our environment are revealed as two sides of the same pursuit.

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