Buju Banton Dismisses Gay Allegations During Post-Prison Performance

Buju Banton speaks out about gay allegations following a conflict with his son who called the Dancehall superstar a "homosexual."
Buju Banton Dismisses Gay Allegations During Post-Prison Performance In Jamaica

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has addressed homosexual allegations made by his son during his first performance in Jamaica after being released from prison.

Long Walk to Freedom Concert, one of the biggest music events in Jamaica’s history, was held on Saturday night at Kingston’s National Stadium, marking the Reggae icon’s return to the stage after an eight-year absence.

During his performance, Buju Banton briefly addressed the ruckus with his son, Markus Myrie, when he was called “ba**y man.”

“Me come home and some bwoy no know say even though Buju Banton lockup we still rough,” Buju told the crowd while standing on stage with longtime musical friend Wayne Wonder.

“8 years, 6 months, 27 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes and 26 seconds. Am gonna say this is a disclaimer. No disrespect to no one, am talking about me,” he continued.

Buju Banton then sang lyrics aimed at the recent reports circulating online about himself and Markus.

“Me no care what in a the media / Me no business bout the news, Me do 10 years a prison but no sexual abuse / No tear no deh pon me rectum and me anus no abuse / Me see it say nuff a them confuse,” Buju deejay.

Buju Banton Blasted By Son Markus Myrie On Social Media Rant

This comes days after Markus Myrie blasted Buju Banton on social media and subsequently filed a police report against his father at the Constant Spring police regarding an alleged altercation at Gargamel Music Studios in St Andrew.

“So much drama since December,” Markus wrote in a post last week Thursday.

“This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh [Donald Trump] Y pree? come for [Buju Banton],” continued added.

In another post, Markus wrote, “And you know you f**ked up when you come from prison and out of your 17 children not even 10 was genuinely happy that “Daddy” is back. Great “artiste” yeah but write me off a your list pu**y.”

“Dawg…. how the f**k you fi feel when you find out your father @BujuBanton the man weh sing boom bye bye, a one a d biggest battyman inna Jamaica,” Markus expressed in a now-deleted post.

On Monday, Markus wrote a lengthy apology addressing his father in Instagram. He also shared a photo of himself and his father.

Buju Banton and son Markus Myrie make Peace After Online Rant

“I am a man. One who refuses to carry the burdens of the past into a future that will see me with children,” Myrie wrote. 

“For their sake I will break the generational curse. My only regret is that I allowed myself to get so blinded by anger that I said things about my father and to the public that I shouldn’t have said, but let he without sin cast the first stone. I have no hatred in my heart for my father.”

“My only disappointment is the undelivered expectation of a father who refuses to see fatherhood as more than just a title and financial support. Your absence has nothing to do with prison and you know that. Still, I forgive you regardless. I hope one day you decide to be a better father, don’t do it for me; do it for my siblings who are suffering (emotionally),” he continued in another post.

“When you love people, you tell them the truth regardless of repercussions, for example, this ridiculous, altercations. Many of you may think you know the situation but remember that you weren’t there and he’s my father, not yours. I ask you all to please keep the family in your prayers as I will. I love you @Bujuofficial #Myrie #Family,” he added.

Buju Banton has yet to speak publicly about the circumstances that led to his son’s public outburst.

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