Chronixx's father Chronicle was allegedly boxed in the face for his son's apparently disrespectful remarks about US President Barack Obama.

Word in the streets is that artist ’s father, , was allegedly boxed in the face for his son’s apparently disrespectful remarks about US President .

The outspoken reggae artiste criticised the fact that Jamaicans were glorifying a ‘waste man’, while Garvey, who he says “paved a peaceful and safe path for the US President to address us”, still has a criminal record in that country.

His post was made on the second day of US President Barack Obama’s visit to .

Jamaica Prime Minister Simpson Miller who hosted Obama for bilateral talks had asked him to exonerate Garvey, before Chronixx’s statement.

The allegation that Chronixx’s father was physically abused is yet to be confirmed.

Efforts by Hype Life Magazine to speak with any member of Chronixx’s team proved futile.

Jamaican Magazine YardFlex reported that:

“A lickle birdie tell we she smaddy box dung Chronixx pupa, Chronicle, because dem seh Chronixx disrespek Obama, the real world boss. People seh Chronixx a hide out, so if yuh can’t ketch Quako, yuh ketch him shut.

Chronicle, if a so it go, we really sorry, cause dem really shouldn’t drag you inna dis. But, tell yuh son seh next time him fi kibba him mout.” –

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