Dancehall Artist Lord Cavalli Wrecks Jaguar Because He Was Bored

Dancehall artiste Lord Cavalli wrecks Jaguar because he was bored. See the footage!

Dancehall Artist Lord Cavalli Wrecks Jaguar

singjay is making rounds on social media.

The “One Lord” singer shared a video of himself, via Instagram account, wrecking the windshield for his pricey Jaguar.

According to Lord Cavalli, the reason for damaging the vehicle is that he was bored.

“I AM STILL THE RICHEST DANCEHALL ARTISTE DI LAST TIME ME CHECK TODAY. Me just give some ghetto people 1million & get bored an feel fi Cost me self another 700,00 pan di jaguar. Dem fake DJ bway yah Song Dem Boring. I don’t give a f**k! My💰 #onelord,” he captioned the video.

Lord Cavalli previously went viral after he was recorded in a bathtub filled with money. He later shared a clip brushing his teeth with Cristal champagne.

In December, during an Entertainment Report (ER) interview, he revealed that he was seeking a new wife to become number five in Jamaica.

He also told media reporters that he has a bright career ahead of him.

“I was born to do music, my mom told me that my dad and Bob Marley were best of friends in the 1970s writing music together, so I’ve started singing music from the age of 3, I am ready to take on the world,” he said.

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