D’Angel Takes Jab At Spice, Claims She’s Being Stalked

Dancehall artist D'Angel takes shots at her latest rival Spice while revealing that her ex-man keeps stalking her. See the video!

D'Angel Takes Jabs At Spice, Claims She's Being Stalked

D’Angel recently stirred controversy when she previewed a new track online.

The artist allegedly took shots at her latest rival, , who is known for her raunchy lyrical content.

“Some gyal a talk bout dem pu**y and nuh man nah talk bout dem,” D’Angel stated while her friend added, “Dem pu**y nuh good!”

“Good p***y gyal wine and tie man / yuh body worth more than diamond / pan yuh birthday him buy yuh piece ah island.. some gal a get dry land (understand),” D’Angel continued.

The Jamaican entertainer further revealed that her ex-lover was in desperate need of romance and is stalking her.

“Somebody give mi ex some sex! Him a stalk mi out too much, give mi ex some sex… Give mi ex some good p***y please!” she added.

Its unclear which former flame the “Strong” singer was referring. However, Dancehall insiders believe that her jabs are “normally directed to Bounty Killer and .”

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