Ishawna and Danielle D.I. lyrical feud just got serious! Find out why.

and have been feuding over the past two weeks, with both divas releasing diss tracks and taking jabs at each other on social media.

Firstly, Danielle D.I. dropped tell-all “Talk Up,” which initiated the clash, and secondly, Ishawna responded with hard-core “Head Shot.”

On Monday (Sep 18), Danielle D.I. released her second diss song, “Street Bicycle,” which claims Ishawna prefers women over men and had sexual relations with several Alliance members during her relationship with baby-father Foota Hype.

The song also claims that Ishawna got refused by after offering him sex, visited in prison and is sexually involved with .

Following the release of the single, Ishawna took to her Instagram account to write:

“Pressure dem like Cow Foot…”

That post was quickly followed by one from the Danielle D.I., who wrote:

“Knowledge is power, “boss bitches have to get their reading on.”

On the following day, the former Downsound Records artist retaliated with the release of a gritty track titled “Walking Dead,” which shows no mercy as Ishawna targets the “Rebel” singer and her ailing mother, who is currently at the Baptiste Hospital in Miami, Florida.

The song, which also takes aim at Carlene, is being described as “ruthless” and “soulless” by many Dancehall fans on social media. Others applauded Ishawna for her severe and prompt response.

Danielle D.I, who is yet to respond lyrically, took to Instagram on Wednesday (Sep 20) seemingly to imply that Ishawna’s track was due to desperation.

“Big up all my rebels,” Danielle D.I. wrote beside her latest diss track, while revealing that it’s now trending third on YouTube and available on iTunes.

“Thought of the day “A drowning man catch at a straw”,” D.I added.

However, sources close to the Danielle D.I. said she’s contemplating to withdraw from the beef because Ishawna crossed the line when she included her unwell mother.

“The lyrical war was going good as both females were getting attention but Ishawna hit below the belt and took it personal,” the source claimed.

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