Denyque turns 'Proud Wifey' to ring in the new year. See the wedding photos!

Jamaican singer Welds is officially a ‘Proud Wifey’ after tying the knot with longtime boyfriend Careem Mullings during a ceremony on the beach on Sunday, January 1, 2017.

The Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 finalist’s social media accounts have been blooded with congratulatory messages after Welds-Mullings made a lengthly post. 

“In the last month, for everything that went right, something went wrong. As easy as it might have been to just give up, that’s just not my style; I think things just need to be difficult sometimes because that’s how character is built. Plus I’m always tryna do things the hard way. So annoying,” She wrote.

“2016 was a truly metamorphic year for me. I grew some more, I transformed, I gained some amazing friends, I realized how much love there truly is in the world, I was reminded to never lose hope, I was reminded how much I actually help people & I learnt that I need to learn to ask for help because I have a world of human beings who genuinely love me with all they have and want to be there for me. A lot of masks fell off in 2016. Too many lessons to name, but equally too many blessings,” Denyque added.

The singer continued by saying:

“For 2017, more growth, more glowth, more wisdom, more knowledge, more love, more twerks, more vibes, more bacon, more croissants. I hope that with each passing day, week, month, year, I can impact people positively and change even one life.

My fiancé always asks me, what did you accomplish from doing X or Y? And I’ll always reply: knowing that I was fighting for the greater good & doing the right thing.

I am Forever Humbled & Forever Grateful.

I am a child of the Universe.


News of Denyque’s marriage first surfaced in October when the singer made an announcement about her engagement on Instagram.

Denyque Gets Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend

Denique is known for songs like “Supergirl,” “Make Me Believe You,” and “Proud Wifey.”

Denyque Gets Married To Longtime Boyfriend On New Year's Day

Photo credit: LIVESTUSH

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