It looks like DMX will serve six months in jail following last month's arrest in NYC.

It looks like will serve six months in jail following last month’s arrest in NYC.

The rapper was sentenced to six months in jail on Tuesday night in Buffalo, New York, following an arrest in late June for failure to pay some $400,000 in child support, according to Billboard.

The 44-year old was apparently placed at Erie County Holding Center in Buffalo, New York on Tuesday, which is a “pretrial, maximum security detention facility”.

The sentence was handed down by Family Court Judge Deanne Trippi for failure to comply with a previous court order, which is unknown, but could include either past child support issues or traffic violations.

Fellow artist also confirmed the unfortunate news via Twitter, telling fans, “It comes with sadness and regret. But Dmx will not be attending this year #shaggfest. — he got locked up today for 6 months.”

The 44-year-old, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has not commented.

Police waited outside Radio City Music Hall for DMX and detained him for the child support claim moments before he was supposed to take the stage at the Masters of Ceremony concert.

He appeared before a judge and was then detained again over an outstanding arrest warrant for bail jumping in a different county, officials told media reporters.

Meanwhile, New Jersey authorities dropped charges against DMX over an April gas station robbery case after the victim could not identify him on surveillance video. DMX’s lawyer had told E! News that the robbery accusation was “completely absurd.” 

No criminal charges were ever filed against the rapper.

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