Drake Sues Layla Lace Over Alleged False Pregnancy & Rape Claims: ‘She Happily Performed Oral Sex’

Drake is suing a "big booty" Instagram model over alleged false rape and pregnancy claims. Full story inside!

is suing an Instagram model who allegedly made false pregnancy and rape claims in an attempt to extort the Canadian rapper.

The Hip Hop mogul is officially suing , who he met last year, saying she made false rape allegations against him and even faked a pregnancy after they had a one-night stand and he didn’t want to pursue a relationship with her.

Drake Investigated for Sexual Assault in UK, Sues Layla Lace for Extortion After Being Cleared

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Drake says he met Layla during his Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England and after one of his concerts in February 2017, they allegedly hooked up at a hotel and had consensual sex.

“Layla also voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex…”, the document reads.

After the hookup, Drake claims Layla went ballistic when he didn’t want to take her on tour with him and it was then that she created what he calls a “fantasy relationship” with him.

The lawsuit, which was filed by celebrity lawyer, Larry Stein, also contains text messages that were allegedly between Layla and Drake. In the messages, which take place over the course of a week in Feb. 2017, Layla allegedly tells Drake she misses him and he tells her he’s sick and hopes to see her soon but then he stops responding. He claims he stopped answering because he didn’t have the “time or energy to respond” and once he did that, she started accusing him of the serious allegations.

The allegations started in Apr. 2017 when Layla took to Instagram to claim she was pregnant with Drake’s baby.

 “So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone!!!,” she wrote on Instagram.

Drake sues Layla Lace for alleged false pregnancy, rape claims

According to Drake’s lawsuit, Layla then threatened to post leaked text messages from Drake and shortly after, she appeared on a SiriusXM radio show and talked about how Drake allegedly got her pregnant.

A month later in May 2017, Drake claims she hired a lawyer and demanded money from him for the alleged baby. She also made defamation threats after TMZ posted a story that said Drake never even met her.

Drake’s lawsuit gets even darker when it says Layla refused to take a paternity test after her lawyer went silent and he says the whole thing ended up being a scam.

“There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last Fall,” Drake claims in the lawsuit.

Layla Lace then allegedly went to New York police and claimed Drake raped her during their one-night stand.

Police ultimately cleared him but it also says that she threatened to go public with allegations of rape unless Drake handed over “millions.”

Drake is suing her for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process. He’s asking for unspecified damages.

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