Gully Bop was arrested and slapped with domestic abuse and robbery against ex-girlfriend Amari in New York. Shauna Chin is reportedly helping Bop.

Controversial artiste was recently arrested in the United States on domestic abuse and robbery charges on Wednesday, July 20.

The Jamaican entertainer was granted US$1,200 bail when he appeared in the Brooklyn Criminal Court on July 21.

Bop, born Robert Lee Malcolm, was arrested by New York police on Wednesday as he arrived at the John F. Kennedy Airport to board a flight back to Jamaica.

Gully Bop Arrested In New York

The charges were reportedly brought against him by his estranged ex-girlfriend and former manager Amari, who took to social media shortly after Bop’s arrest to break the news.

Amari told social media users that Bop was forewarned of the possibility of being arrested but did not heed her calls to work out their differences on his many trips to the United States since their break-up.

Amari alleges that Bop ran her down with a butcher knife earlier this year, stole her passport and green card. She also added that more persons will be arrested as Bop’s associates have constantly been threatening her life.

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In the meanwhile, Bop’s ex-girlfriend, Chin Chin, formerly known as Shauna Chin, said she was working closely with Bop’s attorney to get him as much help as he needs.

She told reporters that although she and Bop were no longer in a relationship, she still cared for him and would always try to help out whenever she could.

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