Gully Bop Says He’s Back To Save Dancehall

Gully Bop has returned to save Dancehall, say sources.

entertainer said he is back to save Dancehall, according to sources.

The “Wuk Affa Mi” deejay,  who has recently returned to Jamaica, is making plans to dominate the industry, a source close to Bop told Hype Life Magazine.

“Dancehall fans missed Gully Bop but they soon tired to see his face,” the source revealed.

“The deejay is preparing a load sum of tunes and the place ago nice again,” the source added.

Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, gained popularity back in 2014 after a video surfaced online of him freestyling the lyrics to his song, “Dem No Bad Like Me.”

The clip went viral online and relaunched his recording career. At that time, his monikor name was Countryman.

Unfortunately, shortly after stardom, Gully Bop’s music career slowly went on a downward spiral filled with controversy, from poor management to physical assaults among his love partners.

He is once again serious about his career and will be proving his critics wrong, according to the source.

“Right now Dancehall slow, the vibes nuh nice like one time, so Gully Bop ago come and save it, watch and see!” the source declared.

Gully Bop is now promoting his new track, “Must Be Dreaming,” produced by Gramma Zone Music.

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