Iggy Azalea's camp has been contacted about an sėx tape allegedly featuring the rapper -- she denies that it's her.

Iggy Azalea denies she made raunchy tape with former Love Partner

A ṡėẋ tape allegedly featuring is being touted for sale.

The raunchy footage which is said to be of the Booty rapper and an ex-boyfriend has been seen by Steve Hirsch, the CEO and founder of ṗȯṙṅ company Vivid.

However, Iggy’s representatives have denied it is her in the video and have threatened to pursue legal action if it is released purporting to feature the Australian rapper.

According to TMZ, Hirsch has approached Iggy with a multi-million dollar offer to buy the footage in order to release it for sale.

The businessman believes it could be turned into a DVD which would outsell all previous celebrity ṡėẋ tapes, such as Kim Kardashian Superstar and One Night In Paris, which stars Paris Hilton and her ex-lover Rick Salomon.

As well as Kim Kardashian Superstar – which showed the reality TV star having ṡėẋ with her ex-boyfriend Ray J – Vivid have released a number of celebrity ṡėẋ tapes over the years including The Tom Sizemore ṡėẋ Scandal and Kendra Exposed, which features Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson.

Iggy was involved in a similar scandal earlier this year. A photo of naked woman who closely resembled Iggy surfaced on the net, accompanied by a black male– it was assumed to be Iggy and her boyfriend Nick Young, although it was not actually the couple.

Iggy Azalea may have been under 18 when her alleged ṡėẋ tape was filmed.

The blonde rapper’s lawyers have reportedly told gossip website TMZ it could be her in the video with an ex-boyfriend BUT there is a chance she was a minor and it was shot without her knowledge or consent.

Her lawyers now say any ṡėẋ video would be the work of a “spurned business suitor”, which is believed to mean her ex, who’s trying to “damage her image and career out of revenge.”

Sources also say Vivid’s CEO Steve Hirsch is offering the star, who is now dating Nick Young, a seven-figure sum for the raunchy tape.

Last night she hit out at the man trying to flog the video and posted a series of tweets denying she has a ṡėẋ tape.

She posted: “I dont have a ṡėẋ tape but for the record…

“Anyone who releases or attempts to make profit off someone else’s intimate moments against their will is a ṡėẋ offender.”

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