Tony Matterhorn went on a rant directed at a blogger who released a pic of the entertainer allegedly posing with two cross dressers.

“I took the photo because I’m not prejudiced,” says on picture with ‘transvestites’

Jamaican selector Tony Matterhorn on Thursday night went on an expletive-ridden rant directed at a popular blogger who released a photo of the entertainer allegedly posing with two cross dressers.

Tony Matterhorn on picture with Transsexuals

Lady Mermaid Blogeye triggered a buzz when she shared the photo on Thursday. 

“Idk yow. I was sent this pic. Tony Matterhorn no boda come dun me,” the blogger said in between ‘laughing’ emoticons, adding “I ‘m only sharing per my Blogeyes on patrol.”  

Jamaica has a reputation of being intolerant of the gay lifestyle. And the , of which Matterhorn is a major player, is notorious for its anti-gay stance.

Some observers slammed Matterhorn after the picture surfaced.

“Matterhorn, do you have something to tell us???” Shelli Rich said.  

Kay Kay Nathan suggested that “Tony pull off a move, tranny lover”, making reference to the American rapper who has found himself in controversy over his involvement with a transexual.

Other persons defended the ace selector.

“I see nothing wrong with the pic bcus they are who they are, doesn’t meant we should discriminate,” said a Joany Don.

Guyanese Mammi reasoned, “If they asked him to take a pic with dem what ya’ll want him to do? Be rude and say no. Ya’ll so damn childish.”

Matterhorn last night released a video in which he blasts Lady Mermaid Blogeye while defending his actions.

“Sunday gone mi a tek picture with pure girls, two tall girls come, mi tek picture… today on Facebook, ‘him ah tek picture with transvestites…” Matterhorn said, adding “mi nuh care if they look like demon… I don’t care, I tek the picture dem because I am not prejudiced, I am not racist. They go about their merry ways, I go my ways.”

Tony Matterhorn then went on an expletive-ridden tirade against Lady Mermaid personally and accused her of targeting him.

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