I-Octane is being accused of vandalizing Konshens' Range Rover in Miami.

and reignited their feud following a scandalous incident over the weekend in Miami, Florida.

After performing at the 2017 staging of Best Of The Best at the Bayfront Park on Sunday (May 28), Konshens took to Instagram the following day to share a footage of his damaged Range Rover.

“Man dem key the Range, mi nuh know a who still but… the valet man dem say is a rasta youth with big belly and him have locks, him have couple man around him and look like a celebrity,”Konshens said in the clip.

“Hate is real. But love realA. it did already scheduled fi wrap this week fi FREE still. #badmindandcoward,” Konshens captioned his video.


In the clip, the “Winner” deejay gave a description of the possible suspect, which many fans believe fit his longtime rival I-Octane, who also performed at the event.

“Lol sounds like I-Octane 😂,” a user commented on the video.

“A muss I-Octane tpc,” another wrote.

“Foota Hype you a laugh the streets start seh a ur boy Octane dweet already 😂😂,” a user expressed.

The incident comes weeks after the “Realest Song” artist revealed that he didn’t like the “Hot Ras” deejay during an interview.

Nevertheless, I-Octane is denying any involvement in the vandalism of Konshens’ Range Rover.

The “Badmind Dem A Pree” singer, who is currently in Philadelphia, posted a quote on Instagram, refuting the claims.

“When the hate don’t work, they start telling lies,” the pictured wrote.

“😃 More time you affi tek bad things an laugh cause dem a guh luu… wi focus!” I-Octane captioned the photo.

I-Octane Responds To Konshens Range Rover Vandalizing Damage

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