Dancehall fans accuse Ishawna of photoshopping her "Summer Body" photo on social media.

is being accused of photoshopping one of her latest photos online.

On Thursday (June 8), the artist took to social media to share a photo of herself sporting a two piece swimwear with her thighs appearing thicker than usual.

Vybz Kartel & Ishawna To Drop “Washer Dryer” Collaboration

The “Equal Rights” singer referred to herself as “thick” after taking a jab at women with thin figure.

“Some gal dry up like during the week escallion….. #Thickazzzzz 😍💕,” she wrote on Facebook.

Ishawna Thick Sexy Photo 2017

Some fans took to her Facebook page to express their disapproving views on the Jamaican artist’s post.

“It look photoshopped,” a user wrote.

Why her legs look like that?” one asked.

Photoshop fake pictures…. SMH… All you want is seen attention big cow belly gyal… U think u look nice but ina real life world without make up u is as fava like the bird name Johncrow,” another wrote.

After what seemed to be a break from the spotlight in local media, Ishawna has found herself in the limelight once more with the release of her latest track, “Equal Rights,” which encourages women to be vocal on issues surrounding oral sex.

Ishawna Teaches Women How To Get “Equal Rights”

While performing her controversial single at a highly anticipated show in Portland last month, Ishawna sought to educate her female audience on how best to get their partners to perform oral sex on them. She told them to use their fingers to caress clitoris and then place their moist finger on their partner’s lips.

A Portland councillor then called for her to be banned from performing in the parish.

Watch: Ishawna Talks On Getting Oral Sex & Controversy Around it

Despite getting support from fans for her provocative single, Ishawna is receiving some backlash from the Dancehall community.

Selectors have expressed reluctance to playing the song, while several male deejays have released response songs aimed at the singer.

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